Discover our team of passionate teachers at Artquarium

At L'Artquarium, real art education is delivered by passionate, qualified professionals. Our teachers in Geneva have a varied and richly experienced background, enabling them to bring a unique perspective to each course.

Meet our dedicated teachers, learn from their experiences and be inspired by their passion for art. From drawing to painting, theory to practice, our teachers will guide you every step of the way on your artistic journey.

Each member of our team plays an invaluable role in making L'Artquarium an incomparable artistic learning environment in Geneva.

Photo of the composition workshop - Summer 2023

Gilbert Wolfisberg

Gilbert Wolfisberg director of Artquarium, art studio in Geneva

Born in Geneva in 1966, Gilbert Wolfisberg is a passionate artist and dedicated teacher who founded L'Artquarium in 2002. His career has been marked by enriching studies and artistic experiences around the world. He studied painting, art history and philosophy in Paris at Lucio Loubet's studio between 1992 and 1994. His interest in a variety of techniques led him to Tokyo in 1995 to study Japanese composition. He subsequently studied at the Sommerakademie in Salzburg under Hermann Nitsch in 1997, and has taken part in numerous workshops with renowned painters such as Thibaut de Reimpré and Giancarlo Bargoni.

Gilbert also contributed to the teaching of visual art at the Ecole des Arches in Lausanne between 2005 and 2007.

As an artist, Gilbert has shown his work in a wide variety of exhibitions. In 1990, he exhibited in Geneva and Zurich in Jean-Luc Barbier's galleries, then in Sécheron in the "Ici et Maintenant" association in 1999 and 2000. He also took part in an exhibition at the Salzburg "Festung" in Austria in 1997. 

Her passion for art and education continues to shine through her work at L'Artquarium and her online course project «Culture Peinture».

Artur Karapetian

Artur Karapetian Teacher at Artquarium Geneva

After studying painting with Gilbert Wolfisberg at Artquarium, Arthur became a teacher in 2010.

He brings to Artquarium his passion and expertise as a teacher. Teaching drawing and painting, Arthur guides students with patience and expertise, helping to develop their skills and stimulate their creativity.

Her dedication to teaching and commitment to art are reflected in every lesson, providing an enriching learning experience for all our students.

Pascale Ramain Bosshard

Pascale Ramain Bosshard teacher at Artquarium Geneva

An avid Artquarium student for seven years, Pascale in turn became a much-appreciated teacher.

With an adapted teaching approach and an unrivalled passion for art.

Specialized in the teaching of art courses for children, She teaches drawing and painting from Wednesday to Saturday. Her approach is adapted to the age and level of each student. Pascale offers a dynamic and engaging learning experience, enabling children and teenagers to explore their creativity while learning the basics of drawing and painting.

Its pedagogy not only fosters the development of children's artistic skills, but also encourages their self-expression and self-confidence.