Testimonials and feedback from students at L'Artquarium in Geneva

Here is a compilation of testimonials and opinions from our students and artists at L'Artquarium.

This invaluable feedback, gathered from our Google page, our social networks and direct feedback, reflects the passion, inspiration and artistic development they have experienced thanks to our courses.

Each story is unique, just like each student, and these testimonials illustrate the richness of the experiences at L'Artquarium.

Take a moment to read their words and plan your own artistic journey with us.

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Fabienne Croisier
22 April 2024

Cours très intéressants, où on apprend énormément, au niveau des bases essentielles pour apprendre à dessiner, à peindre par la suite. Nous apprenons également à analyser des tableaux.Nous progressons bien, de manière régulière et enrichissante, tout cela dans un climat de bienveillance, de valorisation. Ambiance conviviale, dans un lieu calme et agréable. Laissez vous tenter par ce bel apprentissage! Un grand Merci à Gilbert Wolfisberg !

Dominique Moret
20 March 2024

Une vraie découverte : passer par le crayon pour éveiller l’œil et la curiosité merci Gilbert de tes encouragements et de ta passion que tu sais si bien nous donner

Claire Siegrist
12 March 2024

Après plus de 6 ans de cours à Artquarium, lieu chaleureux et bienveillant, je peux affirmer que l’enseignement de Gilbert Wolfisberg dépasse de loin le simple cours de peinture ou de dessin. Il nous apprend à regarder les œuvres et leur(s) construction(s) avec un œil nouveau. La notion de composition prend alors tout son sens. La joie ultime vient lorsque nous nous apercevons que nous appréhendons le monde avec ce regard neuf, que composer prend corps dans tous les actes de notre vie : décorer, s’habiller, cuisiner. À l'Artquarium, j’ai appris cette chose fondamentale : la recherche de l’harmonie est partout possible. Je recommande chaleureusement.

Christoph Lippuner
6 February 2024

At Artquarium, I found much more than just an art workshop. It's a timeless haven where Gilbert's benevolence, the alternation between practice and theory, and the spellbinding ambience of the studio to the sound of classical music make each weekly appointment a sacred moment. Gilbert's teachings on the language of classical painting have opened up new perspectives and enriched my way of composing and perceiving works of art. Thank you Gilbert!

marie-andrée gourjon
5 February 2024

A great place to share and exchange ideas, where Gilbert's teaching of painting is very innovative for me.

Franz Wey
31 January 2024
Caroline Montebello
23 January 2024

Great courses, combining the pleasure of drawing with theoretical analysis. The setting is very warm and caring. I recommend 1000 times!

patrizia pardini
11 December 2023

It is a place of training that is both rigorous and essential in order to progress in creation. Learning takes place step by step, not only in the understanding of painting but also in the concrete application of what has been learned through exercises. Everyone progresses at their own pace, always encouraged by Gilbert's competence and kindness.

Donatella Benjamin
9 November 2023

Great lessons, both theory and practice ! I started classes with Gilbert years ago, and every time I learn about great masters and new skills. Very pleasant ambiance with other students, of all ages and nationalities.

Tiffany Goldstein
8 November 2023

Great classes! The artistic notions and concepts taught by Gilbert are fascinating. I highly recommend it to all artists but also to those who want to learn how to read a work of art.

TamTam Da
7 November 2023
Justyna G.
6 November 2023

It's a nice atelier with gentle music and white noise from a little water fountain. The teacher- Gilbert, is kind to switch to English for me. I've learnt drawing techniques and ways to analyse paintings.

Fiona Paul Pinter
6 November 2023

I particularly like the alternation between practice (drawing) and theory, including the harmony of shapes, composition, and contrasts. Real reading keys to better appreciate great works of art but also learn the basics of drawing and painting. An initiatory and very enriching journey.

Fabrice Grux
6 July 2023

Une vraie découverte ! Un enseignement hors du commun d'une grande richesse ! Du haut de gamme.

6 July 2023

Très belle expérience : apprentissage approfondi des différentes structures de composition 🎨 Super ambiance dans l'atelier. A voir et expérimenter absolument. Merci 🙏 à Gilbert Wolfisberg.

régine heurteur
6 July 2023

Understanding the how, from Antiquity to abstraction, via the Renaissance

Marie Bourion
6 July 2023

Super cours, pour aller plus loin, apprendre la composition, challenger sa façon de peindre A priori pour tout niveau car chacun peut approfondir sa façon de créer avec ces cours … et même si vous avez de l’expérience vous trouverez votre bonheur dans cette formation

Jean-Sébastien Siladola
6 July 2023

Remarkable, fundamental, very inspiring: all the principles of painting revealed

denise daiguson
6 July 2023

Super interesting course in a friendly atmosphere. A must-do for drawing and painting enthusiasts

Chantal Rougier
6 July 2023

Do an internship!!! Take the training!!! Training that transforms the way you think about your painting!!

sharronn amusan
6 July 2023

Awesome +++! And there was light!

Pierre Ficheux
6 July 2023

Merci pour ce stage !!!!! Bravo 🎉 👍👍🤩🤩🤩

Katayoon Eghtesadi
6 July 2023

Excellent course. Rich in information and learning. Everything is very well explained and well observed by the teacher for each student present with a good atmosphere of sharing. THANKS

Isabelle Garabédian
28 June 2023

Great course, in music with amazing techniques, I learn every time and am very happy in an artistic atmosphere, I am looking forward to my next course!!!

Jessica Perez
21 March 2023

Excellent art class. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn the concepts and techniques that will allow them to express their creativity.

Dushan Jancik
9 February 2023
Marc M
8 November 2022

Excellent workshop, teaching which provides very important aesthetic keys. I recommend this place to anyone who wants to develop their knowledge and practice. Very good atmosphere.

Joakim Terzo
9 October 2022

Very good course, good atmosphere and the teacher and great learned well

Graziella Campanella
14 March 2022

It's been two years since I discovered the Artquarium and I go there almost every day! It's a completely different perspective on drawing and painting that has been offered to me since I met Gilbert and Arthur, we can understand how to observe paintings by understanding certain intentions of the artists. After having attended several Art schools, I am especially happy to receive all this information from real enthusiasts!

Antonia Zeller
22 February 2022

It is a wonderful place where you can express yourself and learn new concepts and techniques. I highly recommend it!

Gilbert Wolfisberg
22 February 2022
Jessica Berrini
10 March 2021

Excellent quality of lessons, support in this artistic path which addresses new concepts. This allows freedom of creativity thanks to the principles of composition and harmonization of forms. The atmosphere is warm and very pleasant..

maïlah Le Guennec
19 February 2021

In the workshop, I discovered the unexpected secrets of real painting, in a caring and constructive atmosphere.

15 December 2020
1 December 2020

Super cours de dessin, on ne se contente pas de dessiner ou de peindre mais on apprend aussi des concepts plus théoriques qui permettent d'améliorer ses connaissances et sa façon d'approcher la peinture. Le cours est très complet. Chacun avance à son rythme. Gilbert est très pédagogue et souhaite vraiment nous transmettre toute sa passion. Vous ne regarderez plus les tableaux dans les musées de la même façon. Je ne peux que recommander cette école si vous souhaitez approfondir votre compréhension du dessin sous toutes ses formes et dessiner/ peindre bien sûr 🙂

9 November 2020

Gilbert's knowledge is astonishing: I love his way of analyzing paintings (by great masters or lesser-known painters), each time, we learn lots of things! In fact, it is thanks to his love of painting, his passion for transmitting the multiple dimensions of a work, in short, it is thanks to him that I understood why we say that painting is a major art. It's fabulous to meet people like him, because they raise our level of culture. Thank you very much Gilbert!

Axel Lagré
1 November 2020

Excellent drawing and painting course.

Cintia Pino
28 October 2020

I'm on my 5th course and I really like the approach to this course because we're not limited to just copying models. The teacher also teaches us to observe the paintings of the great masters and to dissect their compositional techniques and other elements which allow us to transform a simply decorative work into a work of art.

Exit Void 超空洞
2 November 2018
Najoua Ben Chaabane
30 October 2018
marie-pierre mutzenberg
30 October 2018

Un professeur passionné par la peinture, qui sait transmettre- au rythme de chacun - ses grandes connaissances de l’histoire de l’art, de la composition d’un tableau et de la magie de la couleur ! Ce que j’y ai appris :le plaisir « d’entrer » dans un tableau abstrait ou figuratif... La richesse de se confronter au travail des autres...et un rencontre avec moi-même. Bilan humain extrêmement positif ❗️

3 July 2018
Artur Karapetian
25 April 2018

Teaching the language of painting and drawing. The secrets of harmony...

Martin-Paul Broennimann
13 April 2018

A place of harmonious creation not to be missed!

Muriel Brandt
13 April 2018