Video testimonials: Authentic stories from our students

Immerse yourself in the heart of the experiences at L’Artquarium thanks to our video testimonials.

Each student shares their own story, their journey, and the progress made through our courses.

These authentic and heartfelt testimonies reflect the passion, commitment and dedication with which we teach art.

Watch, listen and feel the creative energy that emanates from each story.

Héloise Spadone - 2024

Discover a testimony from Héloise Spadone, who after having been a professional graphic designer and having studied painting in a renowned school in London, discovered the teaching of Gilbert Wolfisberg which forever transformed her understanding and practice of painting.

Gisèle Rochat - 2023

Gisèle Rochat started painting in September 2019. Since childhood, she loved drawing. It was thanks to the Artquarium that she discovered the tools to understand and read paintings. This experience was very eye-opening for her, giving her the ability to approach a painting with a whole new perspective. She describes this experience as extremely rewarding.

Arielle Hirschi - 2023

Arielle Hirschi discovered a place where she was able to develop the expression of her creativity while acquiring insider knowledge that allowed her to develop her understanding and practice of painting.

She thanks the Workshop for this high-quality transmission.

Christine Uhelinger - 2021

While I was a real beginner, I learned a lot thanks to the teaching of this workshop, in particular, observation but also the main rules which govern painting, this gave me a lot of self-confidence. I want to continue learning to prepare for my future retirement, by occupying it with a creative activity.

Pascale Ramain - 2022

Pascale Ramain started painting using dry pastel and explored all the pastel techniques before getting bored of them. While looking for where to learn painting, she came across the Artquarium by chance. This discovery was a real revelation for her. According to Pascale, Artquarium teachers have a gift for detecting each person's artistic potential and act as guides, helping students discover new sensations in painting while training them in the richness of aesthetic language. For her, it’s like a liberation from the blank page.

Hellen Hu - 2022

Discover Hellen’s enriching journey at L’Artquarium. She passionately shares her experience and shows how she has evolved and thrived thanks to the teachings she received here. Its history is proof of the universality of the art and pedagogy of our workshop. (Testimony in English).

Marie Mac Fadden - 2022

Discover the vibrant testimony of Marie Mac Fadden. In her video, she shares her enthusiasm and joy of learning at L’Artquarium. She emphasizes how much she was able to learn and describes her learning experience here as “fantastic.” His testimony clearly depicts the positive energy and stimulating environment of our workshop. (Testimony in English).

Christiane Denis - 2022

Listen to Christiane talk about her journey at L’Artquarium. She highlights the importance of the classical foundations of art, emphasizing how fundamental it is to rely on these theories to fully understand and master one's artistic expression. His testimony highlights the depth and richness of our workshop’s educational approach.