15 years of Artquarium in the Geneva Tribune

Article de La Tribune de Genève sur l'Artquarium


Discover the Artquarium through the Pages of La Tribune de Genève

We're delighted to share with you an article recently published in La Tribune de Genève, highlighting Artquarium and its incredible track record. This unique venue, located in Les Eaux-Vives, has been operating as a school, workshop and exhibition space since 2002. The article, entitled "À l'Artquarium, aux Eaux-Vives, lieu aux multiples fonctions", provides a detailed overview of the various activities and atmosphere at the Artquarium.

An Encounter with Gilbert Wolfisberg

The article features a captivating interview with Gilbert Wolfisberg, founder of Artquarium. Gilbert shares his impressive artistic journey, from his beginnings in Geneva to his extensive studies in Paris, Tokyo and Salzburg. He explains how his experiences led him to create Artquarium, motivated by a deep passion for art and a desire to pass on his knowledge to others.

A space for creativity and learning

Artquarium is not just a school; it's a space where creativity and learning go hand in hand. Gilbert points out that the institution offers courses suitable for all levels, enabling beginners to learn about drawing and painting, while more advanced artists can deepen their understanding of complex aesthetic concepts. The article also mentions the regular student and artist exhibitions, which further enrich the community's artistic experience.

Next Event: Exhibition and Celebration

Don't miss the next Artquarium student exhibition, scheduled for November 29 from 6:30 pm. This event will also mark Artquarium's 15th anniversary, an ideal opportunity to discover the exceptional work of our students and share a convivial moment around art.

An Inspiring Testimonial

Gilbert concludes the interview with an inspiring message about the importance of artistic expression in everyone's life. He argues that, while painting may not save the world, it plays an essential role in personal and social equilibrium, enabling people to express their inner world.

Read the full article and find out more about Artquarium, visit the Tribune de Genève website.